Mad hatter in a seemingly strange wonderland.

My work is boring, it’s generic and I’m not putting my heart into it. I write raw and then I delete it. That is my curse. I feel like an attention seeker because whenever I asked my friends to read a part of my story, they would act like it’s…


The ground was trembling as she ran, the wolves were closing in.

“I cannot outrun them!” she thought in frustration.

She was starting to lose all hope as every chance of survival looked bleak when suddenly she spots a yellow light in pitch black of the night.

She stops dead…

It’s sometimes strange to think that words don’t cost you a dime- they’re all here waiting for you to just pick them up, waiting to change lives. Even after being completely free — People still choose the cheap ones that hurt the other person, or even break them in the long run.

Imagine a world where words would become copyrighted. Would you still use the cheap ones? Or make the expensive choice to let the other person feel good about their own self?

You don’t have any choice but to move forward. Embrace the albela raahi that you’re destined to be. Love. Feel. Listen. Speak. Evolve. Rediscover yourself. Build yourself. Feel the moment. That’s what life is about. You give to the world, Leave your mark.

Unspeakable things happen.
Someday I might start talking about them. Or maybe I’ll just take it all with me to the grave. Who can predict the future right?

I knew that I’m not focusing right on my studies. I was wasting time. Degrading myself in front of everyone else. But most importantly, I was losing myself to this inner turmoil caused by my own self. Calling out to random people for help. I was not even fulfilling my day to day goals. What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I was turning out to be a joke for other people to laugh at. I feel like a masked person. Hiding behind this mask throwing out constant random jokes just for the sake of entertaining people.

The sad thing is they’re not even that funny anymore.

I was seized by this constant fear of rejection. I need to overcome this fear of rejection.

Bia Ahmed

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